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Our Constitution

"Our Constitution" is a booklet that contains the entire U.S. Constitution with comments by the author on each section and amendment to help make it clear what the authors of the Constitution intended. The price is for single copies. Discounts are available for purchases of 11 or more copies. Information about the discounts and how to order is on the home page.

You may also want to check out my radio talk show that airs every Wednesday at 4:00 Eastern. It is called "Our Constitution". Here is the website containing the link: http://americaswebradio.com/our-constitution/






            The Constitutional Law Alliance Inc. is a nonprofit Corporation that deals with issues affecting U.S. citizens, our form of government, and individual and state rights that are provided to us under the provisions of the Constitution of the United States. One of our primary purposes is educational. We will prepare materials such as booklets, articles, and research papers that will inform the American people of both the meaning of the Constitution, its importance to our way of life, and the threats to this all-important document. We will put particular emphasis on preparing booklets and other items that can help to educate our young people.

            In addition, we will offer ourselves as a resource to assist attorneys who are involved in cases where individuals or groups are being denied their constitutional rights. We will do this by performing research and preparing legal memorandums and briefs. We welcome the assistance of attorneys, constitutional scholars, educators, paralegals, and others who will assist us in our endeavors.

Here are some of the projects that we are working on now, or preparing for the near future:

  • We have prepared a pocket size booklet on the Constitution that sets forth each article and amendment and would be followed by comments about the real meaning of each of the sections. This is designed to be easily understood, and clear up many of the misconceptions about the meaning of our Constitution that are currently being taught in schools and perpetuated by elements of the media. We already have a number of people distributing it to students. Here is an excerpt from the booklet:  "Comments: Many people believe that the First Amendment to the Constitution is a cornerstone of the Bill of Rights, because it lists and protects five essential rights of individuals. The founding fathers who drafted this amendment did not consider these rights as being granted to the people by the government. Instead, they viewed them as inalienable rights that belong to all individuals, and, therefore, cannot be limited by any government. We will look at the five rights one at time."
  •  The booklet is available to be ordered. You can order single copies through paypal on this website. Discounts are available for multiple copies as follows:

1-10 copies          $6.00 each

11-25 copies        $5.75 each

26-50 copies        $5.50 each

51-100 copies      $5.25 each

Over 100 copies  $5.00 each

 For multiple copy orders add 4% to the total amount of the order to help cover shipping and handling charges. Checks for orders should be made out to the Constitutional Law Alliance and mailed to the corporate office, P.O box 1266, Canton, TX 75103.

  • Preparation of additional booklets about the Constitution and other documents important to the freedom of our nation. These would be designed to teach everyone the truth about our nation's history as contrasted with the revisionist history being taught in many schools. This revisionist history is something to make the United States, and its people look evil and uncaring, when in fact we have been the most generous nation in the history of the world. We've sacrificed our sons and daughters on the fields of battle, and sacrificed much of our national treasure to defend our own freedoms and those of many other countries.
  • We are currently working with military veterans who are being denied their Constitutional rights to due process and the right to keep and bear arms by the VA. We are assisting these veterans at no charge and they can contact me through the email available on this website.
  • Donations can be made to help us fund these and other projects by using one of the “Donate” buttons on the website, or you can mail a check to the Constitutional Law Alliance at  P.O Box 1266, Canton, TX. 75103.  
  • Michael Connelly is available to speak on Constitutional issues to groups both large and small. He is also a frequent guest on radio shows around the country. To request a speaking engagement or media appearance email Mr. Connelly at mrobertc@hotmail.com